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Who we are

rootlinks team

The organisation team together with the student teams at last semesters kick-off weekend in Schönberg.

We are a non-profit organisation sustained by committed students. The rootlinks team as well as the students solving the sustainability challenges work as volunteers alongside their studies. Our team consists of an interdisciplinary range of students all committed to the idea of linking students and organisations to work on sustainability challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable students to become changemakers for sustainability following this concept: During the semester-long rootlinks programme, students from all Zurich universities solve real-world sustainability challenges in interdisciplinary teams. They benefit from skills training, mentoring and new career options. The company, non-profit or public institution that has posed the sustainability challenge receives innovative ideas and an implementable solution.

Meet the Organising Team

Arijit Upadhyay

Energy Science

Tim Trachsel

Environmental Sciences

Claudia La Valle

Environmental Engineering

Hanna Salomon

Environmental Sciences

Lara Pfuderer


Jule Aldag


Seraphin Hammer

Mechanical Engineering

Philipp Lischer

Environmental Sciences

Anna Hodel

Civil Engineering

Moritz Bischof

Mechanical Engineering

Lucien Schriber

Environmental Sciences

Niccolò Moro

Energy Science and Technology

Jasmin Oberkalmsteiner


Wall of Fame

Nick Bührer


Isadora Kölbl

Political Science and Anthropology

Saskia Lichtin

Environmental Sciences

Shoshana Sartorius

Political Science and Studies of Religion

Ronja Barelli


Naveen Shamsudhin

Lecturer Social Entrepreneur and Activist

Shipra Mohan

Energy Science

Fabio Neuhaus


Capucine Lechartre

Ecology and Evolution

Beat Hagenlocher


Johannes Wüllenweber

Energy Science

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