Who we are

rootlinks team

We are a non-profit organisation sustained by committed students. The rootlinks team as well as the students solving the sustainability challenges work as volunteers alongside their studies. Our team consists of an interdisciplinary range of students all committed to the idea of linking students and organisations to work on sustainability challenges.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable students to become changemakers for sustainability following this concept: During the semester-long rootlinks programme, students from all Zurich universities solve real-world sustainability challenges in interdisciplinary teams. They benefit from skills training, mentoring and new career options. The company, non-profit or public institution that has posed the sustainability challenge receives innovative ideas and an implementable solution.

Meet the team

Johannes Wüllenweber

Student in Energy Science at ETH Zurich

I am passionate about the sustainable transformation of our energy system. Previously, I have co-founded the NGO Zukunftschreiben, which tells new children's stories to inspire the young generation for climate action. With rootlinks, I want to enable students to grow and build connections so they can advance sustainability in their professional life.

Lincoln Aisagbonhi

Graduate in Banking and Finance from ZHAW

My recent role as Sustainable (ESG) Investment Researcher has shown me that creating a sustainable environment requires a collaborative effort. I am excited to be in a team of passionate people that seek to facilitate solutions to sustainability issues.

Shipra Mohan

Student in Energy Science at ETH Zurich

At present, our energy systems are going through a transition, and I want to contribute to the transition and help accelerate it. Having pursued projects related to renewables and sustainability, I want to bridge a gap between the area of concerns and motivated people, to help them do their bit.

Ronja Barelli

Student in Psychology at UZH

My background is in geography and psychology. According to my point of view, sustainability challenges need to be addressed together with a motivated and interdisciplinary team. Being responsible for the marketing and recruiting sector of rootlinks, I will try to reach as many students as possible to join us as rootlinkers – together we can make a difference!

Nina Garapic

Student in Political Science at UZH

I am a political science master student at UZH and work part-time as junior consultant for a Zurich-based PR agency. Together with the rootlinks team I want to find solutions for current sustainability and climate action problems so that there will be no more excuses for not taking care of our planet.

Naveen Shamsudhin

Lecturer at ETH Zurich | Social Entrepreneur and Activist

I am passionate about catalysing positive change in people, communities and systems at large. At rootlinks, I contribute to organisational strategy, and in creating environments of learning that empower students to become creative and empathetic leaders who drive local and planetary-scale sustainable development.

Anne Schwenk

Student in Food Technology at ZHAW

Food waste is one of the main problems in terms of sustainable business practices. With my background in food technology and experience in supporting teams, I would like to help students and companies to define sustainability goals and meet them in the best possible way.

Arijit Upadhyay

Student in Energy Science at ETH Zurich

Having a background in mechanical sciences and working towards bringing a positive impact in the energy transition, I am ready to bring a change. At rootlinks, I want to focus on sustainability issues in different areas by helping the companies to tackle their challenges.

Philipp Lischer

Student in Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich

I am convinced that by elaborating knowledge together in a diverse team, we can come up with creative, efficient and holistic solutions to address the relevant sustainability challenges of our partners. Meanwhile, it is essential to enjoy the teamwork and to also have fun together! The rootlinks team therefore leads by example with its diverse background and the strong will to realise its vision.

Tim Trachsel

Student in Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich

Driving sustainable change demands an interdisciplinary approach. In bringing together students from diverse backgrounds, rootlinks offers unique value to both students and partners. With my commitment I wish to turn the future generation of professionals into changemakers for a sustainable world.

Ksenia Beloturkina

Student in Informatics at UZH

Despite having a technical background, I have always been interested in applying my skills in areas that promote earth-conscious behavior. I am convinced that bringing together people with different expertise will facilitate the process of solving sustainability challenges. With rootlinks, we get one step closer to a green future.