In the spring semester 2021, the rootlinks student teams will work on five Challenges related to different aspects of sustainability.

1. How can knowledge exchange, effective communication and continued learning be enabled in the City's energy advisory service for homeowners?

For the City of Zurich to reach its net-zero ambitions, thousands of fossil fuel heating systems need to be replaced and building insulations renovated. The City offers an energy advisory service for house owners to support them in this process. To make this advisory service as impactful as possible, knowledge management is key: a variety of knowledge needs to be shared and documented among stakeholders, communication processes have to be effective, and learnings should be implemented to continuously improve the services. The rootlinks team will tackle this challenge by developing a knowledge management strategy in close collaboration with the responsible people at the City's Gesundheits- und Umweltdepartement.

Challenge Partner: City of Zurich