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An Insight into one of our Weeklinks: Ideation Workshop

This weeks workshop was all dedicated to creativity.

Rootlinks’ challenge teams advanced further into the solution space by ideating on their refined problem statements.

Crazy and prospective ideas sparked in constructive one-on-one inter-team discussions as well as silent brainstormings. It was a big pleasure to observe, how the beforehand deep understanding of the problem proved a solid base for letting great ideas flow.

But how did our future changemakers themselves perceive their seventh weeklinks? What new insights did they gain? Was there something new they learned or experienced?

To get an insight into the rootlinkers perspective we asked three of them to answer those questions. These were their answers:

Deirdre: „This week officially crossed the halfway point in the rootlinks journey, so we spent the time reflecting on what we have achieved so far.

In our groups, we began by sharing one highlight and one lowlight of the week.

This was directly related to our challenge and sharing our thoughts, feelings, as well as emotions let us express our frustrations and successes. In doing so, we created an environment of strength, compassion, and empathy.

This gave us the energy we needed to move onto the second part of the evening; discussing what we want to achieve during the rest of the program, and how we would go about this.

With less than 6 weeks until presentation night, we mapped a timeline on what needed to be done and assigned tasks.

We realized that we still had a lot of work to complete but we also knew that we have the motivation and passion to identify solutions to the challenge. The evening concluded with the team enjoying dinner and beer together.“

Livia: „This rootlinks meeting inspired me to look back in time, to sort out what we are succeeding in as a group and where we are still struggling. It was interesting to see that we were of a similar opinion respective many aspects.

The ‚Retrospect‘ website, with which we have sorted our group work so far, encourages individual reflection and only shows the thoughts of other people in a second step. This made me aware of the influence of others opinions and comments. In a balanced group work, where all opinions should be and are allowed to have their place, we have to pay attention to this.“

Jonas: „Talking about what we value in one another and getting an insight into everybody's perspective has definitely brought us closer together as a team!“

To follow up, we asked them how they will be able to profit from those learnings, insights and experiences, either personally, or in their challenge solving process.

Deirdre: „This has been a learning journey for both myself and the team.

On a personal level, rootlinks has really encouraged me to take time out of my busy day and reflect on the small things that we can be grateful for.

Simple things, such as a sunny day, a kind message from a friend or a smile from a stranger can be so easily overlooked but bring joy to oneself when reflected upon.

Noticing these moments, helps me place things into perspective and gives me the energy to be a changemaker.

On a team level, we quickly realized that our interdisciplinary backgrounds bring different ideas and perspectives to the problem that we are addressing. This allowed us to foster innovative solutions. Furthermore, by leveraging each other’s strengths we are able to assign tasks to the most appropriate member of the team, ensure a cohesive and productive group work and always strive for the best solutions.“

Livia: „Agreeing on many aspects, such as that it would be better to meet and work together on the project instead of working individually at home, we were able to envisage measures and discuss more concrete proposals for implementation and improvement.

It motivated me and showed me once again that we are all pulling in the same direction.

We want to continue to integrate opinion rounds into group meetings, but also be careful not to comment on everything the same way.“

Jonas: „Facing the second half of our challenge we are now more assured than ever of the ways we can compliment one another in the challenging tasks that lie in front of us in the weeks ahead!“

We are sure all rootlinkers were able to learn something new this weeklinks and we are positive that they will be able to include those learnings into their future work.

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