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We empower students to become changemakers for sustainability.


rootlinks is a non-profit student organisation active across all Zurich universities. Our learning journey empowers students to become changemakers for sustainability. Partner organisations benefit from solutions to their sustainability challenges.


Applications are open for the autumn semester 2021! Apply as a student and help to develop a solution for a sustainability challenge.


As a rootlinker,  you gain valuable skills and experience that will empower you to advance sustainability. Our semester-long learning journey offers workshops, team events, and inspirational talks that equip you with tools to work on a real-world sustainability challenge in an interdisciplinary student team. Additionally, you learn tools to foster personal growth and resilience to live healthy and fulfilled lives while doing impactful work for sustainability.


Are you part of an non-profit, company,  or public institution that is facing a sustainability challenge? By teaming up with rootlinks, you will benefit from new perspectives and fresh ideas brought in by a diverse student team.