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We are currently looking for coaches for the Spring semester 2022!



As a coach, you'll get the opportunity to meet students and help them become changemakers for sustainability. Here, Sebastian and Amarin from the Rhetorikforum Zürich are teaching presentation skills.

What to expect?

By coaching an interdisciplinary challenge team you will be able to apply and improve your coaching skills while advancing sustainability.
rootlinks is a non-profit student organisation active across all Zurich universities. Our learning journey empowers students to become changemakers for sustainability. During weekly workshops the student teams learn about systemic design, practice teamwork, and reflect on their personal growth. Simultaneously, they will be working on a real-world sustainability challenge applying their learnings.

What we offer

Skills & Experience

Through expert inputs, workshops and talks you get to learn a broad set of skills complementary to the standard university curriculum. By supporting a team, you will gain hands-on coaching experience. You will get access to a lot of expert knowledge about Systemic Design and sustainability initiatives.

Inspiration & network

By accompanying your team, you will get the opportunity to set (a part of) the stage for a diverse and highly interested group of people. You get an insight into our sociocracy system. Also, you will have the chance to exchange with inspiring people and build a network in sustainability.

Improve your Coaching

By guiding through the learning journey and challenge work, you get the opportunity to set (a part of) the stage for the diverse and highly interested group of people you are accompanying. You will learn about effective teamwork and will empower your team to achieve a great outcome while having a good time.

Meaning & Fun

You will get to do meaningful work on a real-world challenge - independent of your studies. Next to all the learning and hard work, we will make sure that your time at rootlinks is fun and enjoyable through social events, food and beer after our meetings, and more.

To summarize: You would be the one supporting the team in the Systemic Design process. Also, you would facilitate their personal development journey by having an open ear and checking in regularly. Besides, you get to meet a group of awesome people and have a great time!

Time commitment

The time commitment is around 6 hours per week during the semester (exact dates to be defined). This includes:
·  Participating at the weeklinks, our weekly workshops (around 2.5 hours each Wednesday evening)
·  Participating at the weekly coaches meetings, right before the weeklinks (max. 1h)
·  Supporting the work of your team during weeklinks
·  Guiding your team through new inputs at the weeklinks
·  Reviewing your team’s work during the week and giving feedback
·  Coordinating with the other coaches (regularly)

In addition to that, you will need to:
·  Participate at the coaching workshop before the program (5 / 6 March, to be confirmed)
·  Attend the Kick-Off Sunday at a holiday house in Wädenswil (13 March)
·  Attend the Reflection Day in the middle of the program (24 April)

Here is an overview of the important dates:
·  Coaches Workshop (5 / 6 March - to be confirmed)
·  Kick-off Sunday in Wädenswil (13 March, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
·  Coaches meeting (weekly meeting at Student Project House in Zürich every Wednesday from 5 p.m.)
·  Reflection Day (24 April)
·  Weeklinks (weekly meeting at Student Project House in Zürich every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. - voluntary: join for food and drinks afterwards provided by rootlinks)
·  Final presentation (25 May)

To make sure that the teams are optimally supported, we ask you to keep all these dates free in your calendar.

What you bring

  • Knowledge of Systemic Design

  • Ability to think critically and ask the right questions

  • Motivation to engage in the Learning Journey

  • Interested in communication and personal growth

Ideally, you would have:

  • Coaching/Tutoring experience

  • Extensive knowledge of Systemic Design

  • Knowledge and Experience in Design Thinking

Here, you'll find more information on the rootlinks Learning Journey. There's also a Q&A section. If you have any further questions, feedback or ideas, we're most happy to hear from you at

How To Apply

You can apply via email to

Please include:​

  • your CV without a photo

  • your motivation for being a coach

  • written confirmation, that you can attend all the important dates listed above

We're looking forward to meeting you!


Petrissa Eckle

Executive Director, Sustainability in Business Lab (

Rootlink’s approach of linking students from different disciplines and universities is a great way to develop truly innovative ideas and impactful solutions - so I am confident that rootlinks can help companies, non-profits and public institutions with their sustainability challenges.”


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